Reduce & Renew: How Cutting Services & Renewed Website Shifted Response

large-chibaby1Most small business owners consider the addition of products or services a reflection of success and growth. But that’s not always the case.

Nancy Regan, founder of Chi Baby, Inc. Healing Therapies in Chicago found the opposites to be true. By streamlining her list of offered therapies, Nancy was able focus on her core strengths and improve her skills. Spending the time to re-evaluate what was and wasn’t working allowed her to take a high-level view of the business to find a better balance for both herself and her clients. The exercise also gave her a chance to revisit her marketing strategy, ultimately leading to the decision to redesign the website to better reflect Chibaby’s strengths.

A new website that better visually communicates Nancy’s abilities and more focused service offerings, gave her an opportunity to re-introduce Chi Baby to both new and existing clients. Chi Baby is now benefiting from measurable growth and an expanded and continued loyal client following.

Swayed’s Insights:

If you’re running your business on your own, with a small staff or a limited budget, it’s best to focus on the things you do best and keep building loyalty. Strategically add staff and services to build growth if that’s your goal.
Trying to spin too many plates at once eventually leads to a lot of broken China.

Be sure to review your marketing tactics regularly to ensure they reflect your business well. If your website or printed materials are not on strategy, you may not be connecting with your target market.
Be true to your brand. Painting stripes on a horse doesn’t make a zebra.

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