Swayed Spotlight – CFEW

Jacqueline Rhew and Kathleen Berger – Co-founders of the Center For Emotional Wellness – The Leading Counseling Center of the Northwest Suburbs Providing supportive care for adolescent, adult, family, LGBTQ+ counseling via guidance navigating challenges and obstacles.

Building an E-commerce Website – Where to start?

Ever research building an e-commerce site? Stressful! There are so many options: WooCommerce©, Shopify©, SquareSpace©. And of course, there's security with Gateway/Merchant Accounts, CDN, SSL/TSL. It must be responsive and have AMP pages – oh, and what about SEO! Your head is spinning right? Good news … it doesn't have to

Promoting the next “Great American Novel”

Swayed helps promote new novel "Crossing Eden" by creating a new website with original illustration and social media: www.monteschulz.com Monte Schulz, son of Charles M. Schulz, pays homage to his father in "Crossing Eden", an exciting new novel with highly stylized vernacular and impressively accurate detail

Changing The Face Of Beauty PSA Video

What an honor and pleasure it is to be involved in the Changing the Face of Beauty awareness video. CTFOB is a wonderful organization that sheds light on a topic most of us in the ad industry should address – including people with disabilities in

So you want to start a business?

9 Things to Consider Before You Become "A Boss" Before I officially launched Swayed in 2005, numerous people told me, “You should just start your own business.”  While the encouraging words were appreciated, and certainly helped my confidence, the thought of making that leap was pretty

Good Design That Gets the Right Response is Worth It

Margaret Gould Stewart explains why 280 hours dedicated to developing the Facebook® "Like" button was well worth the time. What does my designer do with all those billed hours anyway? Am I getting fleeced? If you've ever grappled with an arduous, several month long project that involves