Social Networking for the Introverted and Time-challenged


You know you need to do the ‘social thing’ – but who has time for that?

You’re a business owner. You wear about 50 hats and have a daily checklist that you heroically try to complete, but  inevitably pours onto tomorrow’s list. And that’s just your work day. In the little spare time you have, the idea of posting to dozens of Social Networking forums about what you did that day sounds like as much fun as a fork in the eye. Or, maybe you just don’t know what to say, what to post, or how frequently or where. If the whole thing makes you feel like a wilting wallflower at a middle school dance, you’re not alone. #awkward #stressed #notime

I belong to a women’s business networking group. We’re a group of confident, very talented women who aren’t afraid to talk about what we do or who we are. And no surprise, we sometimes have to be asked to stop talking. Now I’m not criticizing, quite the contrary. I celebrate my colleges’ abilities to comfortably speak in front of groups – it can be intimidating! I bring it up as an illustration of how eager and willing we are to chat and express our passions for what we do in person. We challenge each other to be brief and practice our 30-second speech. The fact is – not everyone has the time, or is as confident when it comes to “talking” about themselves or their businesses online.

It’s easy to understand why many business owners have an aversion to jumping into the social stratosphere. It seems like a huge time commitment. Or they’re unsure where to post, or even how it works. For one reason or another, not everyone is taking advantage of the best, far-rest reaching – not to mention, FREE – tools for self promotion ever available in history. If this is you, you’re not alone.

Don’t worry about a thing, we’ve got you covered.

The good news is, at Swayed, we actually like this stuff! Plus, we’re pretty good at knowing just what to say to promote and advertise. You’re good at what you do, and you have a business to run. Let us help you with the promotion – even the #socialthing : )

Amy M. Phillips Principal & Creative Director Swayed Creative, LLC.
Amy M. Phillips
Principal & Creative Director
Swayed Creative, LLC.


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